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Meanwhile In Nantes

love your blog!

Thank you so much! Loved your blog too!

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footage from the full band on in one of Beirut’s first performances outside of New York a couple months back, and as well as the opportunity to include a brief interview with Zach taken at a more recent show.”

  1. gulag orkestar
  2. elephant gun
  3. postcards from italy
  4. mount wroclai
  5. closing song
  6. carousels
  7. transatlantique
  8. maspeth
  9. after the curtain
  10. siki siki baba
  11. brandenburg

this setlist has mostly early versions of songs (it’s that great 2006 white t-shirt era zach) and it’s pretty much a beirut fan’s wet dream.

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In case you have a free 69 minutes today.

Come visit beautiful Brooklyn!

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