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Meanwhile In Nantes




I am apparently having a very prolific evening (if creating totally incompetent drawings can be considered prolific), as I have a second installment of “I can’t draw” for tonight. I present the members of the band Beirut! (None of whom, apparently, have feet) My apologies go in particular to Ben Lanz and Kyle Resnick, who, as well as being inexplicably smaller than everyone else, also have to play extremely mangled instruments (my inability to draw is really showcased in brass instruments, I feel)

can i send this to nick petree

Is that a hypothetical question? cause, I mean, you’re welcome to :p I think I’m most entertained by how he turned out, even though he looks insane (well, probably
because he looks insane)


I bought this because I reminded of Beirut ._.

(Fonte: abattoir-blues)

(Fonte: bcuzitsbeautiful)

(Fonte: patriciaolv)


Asdfghjkl ❤_❤


i love you.